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7G ATF Change

Brand: Mercedes-Benz

Model: E350

Chassis: W212

​Engine: M276 DE35

Transmission: 722.9

Project: Maintenance

Laber: 3 hours



722.9 automatic transmission is very popular in Mercedes-Benz and served from 2006-2017. It has 7 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. Every 7 years/70,000 miles (made after 06-22-2010) or 4 years/40,000 miles (made before 06-22-2010) we have to change the automatic transmission fluid and filter of our Mercedes, that's requiring of Mercedes maintenance booklet. Since the model year from 2016, MB has shortened the interval of changing ATF to 6 years/60,000 mails. If your vehicle was equipped 722.9, that’s the most same process to change ATF and filter like this video, whatever made before or after 06-22-2010. For this vehicle (W212M276), the drain plug of the torque converter is difficult to operate, so I drill a hole on the shell to working easily. Something won’t happen on my W221M278. Another notice, if your vehicle made before 06-22-2010, the fluid is red and the overflow plug is withe, otherwise the fluid is blue and the overflow plug is green. Just like other maintenance, change ATF is not a difficult job, just be patient. Good luck!


Drain ATF

Step 1 Lift Vehicle


1.1 Against the front wheel by a chock, for rear-wheel-drive car,

1.2 Jack rear vehicle at rear central jack point, if w/o rear central jack point, jack at the bottom of differential sell which  fixed at subframe carrier directly;

1.3 Support vehicle at rear side jack points with jack stands.

1.4 Jack front vehicle at front central jack point;

1.5 Support vehicle at front side jack points with jack stands, and make the vehicle in a level position. 

Step 2 Remove bottom engine compartment paneling


2.1 Remove bolts (3, 4) (6 bolts).​

2.2 Remove center engine compartment paneling (1);

2.3 Remove bolt (3, 4, 8) (10 bolts).​

2.4 Remove rear engine compartment paneling (7)

Step 3 Remove the auxiliary oil pump (Skip this step if the vehicle w/o Start/Stop Function)


3.1 Remove drain screw from the transmission oil pan;

3.2 Detach electrical connector (1a) on auxiliary oil pump (M42)

3.3 Detach electrical wiring harness from transmission;

3.4 Remove screws (2) and detach electric transmission oil pump (M42), for installation 8Nm (71 Ib-in).

Step 4 Open engine hood